Worthless son about to fall on his sword

March 27, 2023

Dear Pastor,

I am 52 years old. I read your column every day but never thought I would have to write to you. I have a son and two daughters. My daughters attended school regularly, but my son spent much of his time with bad company. I spoke to him until I was sick, but he did not change.

His mother used to defend him by saying that his head can't take the studies. I told her that whenever he visits her, she should encourage him to do farming. However, I heard that he used to just go by her and sit with the guys from the area and smoke before going home to his mother. His mother gave him money for him to travel back to Kingston.

My two daughters did well in school, one became a nurse and the other a teacher. They told me I don't have to work any more and that they will take care of me. However, I can't sit down. I am still working. My daughter who is a nurse lives in the United States of America. She sent me money to buy a car and told me to use it as a taxi. My worthless son asked me to let him operate the taxi, but I refused because I know he would wreck the car. He complained to his sisters. He said I don't love him.

I would rather let a stranger use the car as a taxi. He said he does not smoke the weed any more, but I know he does, and his girlfriend told me that he lives on it. She wouldn't lie on him. It is because of his behaviour why I cannot allow him to live here. Whenever he is angry about anything, he curses the biggest bad words. He is living with his girlfriend. She is a nice girl, but she lives in the ghetto.

I am expecting him to be arrested any day because he is mixed up in wrongdoing. His sisters are tired of talking to him, but he won't listen.


Dear O.,

Your son is likely to get himself into serious problems with the law if he continues to behave as a fool. You have tried to direct him in the correct way, but he would not listen. If his mother had supported you when you were talking to him, he would have been a better young man. Perhaps she thought she was helping him. One of these days he is going to blame her for not helping him to be a responsible man.

I want to tell you that you made the right decision when you refused to have him use your car as a taxi. He is seeking an easy life. I congratulate your daughters for the help that they have given to you. They are good young women.


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